Little Big Man

Little Big Man

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Berger, Thomas

Believe it or not, Jack Crabb is 111 years old. He is also the son of two fathers, one white, the other a Cheyenne Indian chief who gave him the name Little Big Man.As a Cheyenne, Crabb feasted on dog, loved four wives, and saw his people butchered by horse-soldiers commanded by Custer. As a white man, he helped hunt the buffalo into extinction, tangled with Wyatt Earp, cheated Wild Bill Hickok--and lived through the showdown that followed. He also survivied the Battle of Little Bighorn, where he fought side by side with Custer himself--even though he'd sworn to kill him.The basis of a popular film, LITTLE BIG MAN, was hailed by The Nation as a "seminal event... the most significant cultural and literary trend of the 1960's ."

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ISBN: 9780385298292

480 pages

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