Memoirs Of A Semi-Detached Australian

Memoirs Of A Semi-Detached Australian

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John, Passmore

"In this vivid and iconoclastic memoir, John Passmore takes us on an unsentimental journey from his childhood in Manly, then half-village, half-resort seven miles from Sydney, a thousand miles from care to the hot-house environment of the University of Sydney, and on to the realities of his imagined Europe. These physical voyages were rites of passage. The first marked the end of the fierce parochialism of childhood, inducting him into university life at a time of intellectual and political controversy. The second saw the death of the little boy from Manly and his replacement by a semi-detached Australian not a rootless citizen of the world , but an Australian whose angle of vision had been permanently changed. In this challenging memoir, John Passmore mounts a passionate defence of the life of the mind, displaying the intellectual energy and insight that has made him a philosopher of international stature."

ISBN: 9780522847666


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