Furious Hunger

Furious Hunger

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Grant, Bruce

At the end of the twentieth century, the United States—the most powerful nation on earth—is driven by quasi-religious patriotism and by conspicuous materialism. At once restless and violent, creative and democratic, it is also, at another level, deeply unsure of itself.

Bruce Grant's engrossing text reveals the core of America's greatness—and its vulnerability. Americans believe that their country is blessed and exceptional—blessed by God and nature, exceptional because of their management of the twin icons, democracy and capitalism. But have Americans separated themselves too much from the rest of the world? Can they meet the challenge of the 21st century, which is to provide true global leadership?

A Furious Hunger is a penetrating exploration of America's way of life, its people, its history, its rhetoric, its government and politics, and its arts and popular culture. The author's 'modest intention' is to try to understand the United States better, not as the leader of the Western world, but as itself.

Bruce Grant writes critically and sympathetically of the country and the people he has visited and observed for over thirty years. This original and challenging book will interest readers who welcome America's influence on our lives as well as those who resist it.

All we know is that having everything we yet hold nothing, that feeling the wild song of this great earth upwelling in us we have no word to give it utterance. All we know is that here the passionate enigma of our lives is so bitterly expressed, the furious hunger that so haunts and hurts Americans so desperately felt—that being rich, we are all yet poor, and having an incalculable wealth we have found no way of spending it, that feeling illimitable power we have yet found no way of using it.—Thomas Wolfe

ISBN: 9780522847925


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