Room To Manoeuvre

Room To Manoeuvre

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Leet, Paul Boreham


Paul Boreham, Geoff Dow and Martin Leet believe that ful employment is still attainable in Austrlaia. Having carefully studied unemployment policy performance in the major industrial democracies of the OECD over the past two decades, they are in the unique position of being able to answer such questions as-

Why has Australia had higher unemployment than other countries over the past twenty-five years?
Would solutions to unemployment require higher taxes?
Has economic rationalism contributed to unemployment?
What s more important for Australia s future- low unemployment or industry competitiveness?

In Room to Manoeuvre they offer a startling research-based critique of contemporary Australian politics. Their analysis refutes contemporary policy orthodoxy and the unemployment strategies adopted by Australian governments.

Room to Manoeuvre deals with political aspects of unemployment—the political failures which allow unemployment to continue; the political and institutional changes needed to reduce unemployment; and the political and intellectual dimensions of the role of orthodox policy advice. The an

ISBN: 9780522848625


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