Relearning To E-Learn

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Bowles, M. S.

"Relearning to E-Learn removes the 'noise and hype' surrounding the field of e-learning and encourages its strategic implementation within corporate and community settings.
E-learning straddles the crossroads where the management of education, training, performance, knowledge, human resources and change collide. Relearning to E-Learn is the result of a 12-month international research project designed to better understand both e-learning and the impact of multiple disciplines and processes within an organisational context.
Relearning to E-learn-
examines the 'second wave' of e-learning implementation
analyses recurring concerns about e-learning development by learners, instructors and organisations
promotes serious rethinking of learning strategies at individual, group and organisational levels
advocates the need for innovative approaches to the design and delivery of learning programs to accommodate individual learner differences
encourages the view that e-learning should not be an isolated activity, but a catalyst and enabler of far-reaching change

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ISBN: 9780522851304

208 pages