New Puritans

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Porter, Muriel

Religious fundamentalism is a growing force in Australian society, but it is not confined to conservative Islam or to fringe denominations. In The New Puritans, Muriel Porter explains how the mainstream Anglican Church in this country is influenced by the ideological agendas of its largest and richest diocese, Sydney.

Over the past few decades, Sydney Anglicans have increasingly modelled themselves on the sixteenth-century English Puritans. They have radically altered church services, relentlessly opposed all attempts to extend full equality to women in the Church, and joined forces with conservative Anglicans worldwide to prevent the blessing of same-sex partnerships and the ordination of gay people.

Under the leadership of the charismatic Jensen brothers—Peter, the Archbishop of Sydney, and his brother Phillip, the Dean—Sydney poses a growing threat to mainstream Anglicanism. The New Puritans explores the Diocese's impact on the Church in Australia and internationally.

ISBN: 9780522851847

192 pages

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