Politics Of Everyday Life

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Paul, Ginsborg

Concern over the present state of the world -its tensions and disparities- fosters in many people the uneasy combination of two sensations- urgency and powerlessness.

The solution lies in our own hands. We need to re-think the choices we make on a day-to-day basis, choices affecting the ways we use our time, the family lives we live, the sorts of goods and services we consume, the quality of democracy we are able to exercise.

The individual, the local and the global are inextricably intertwined, in positive and in negative ways. Passivity and indifference at the individual level contribute greatly to collective dismay at the condition of the world.

This book explores the choices we have. It considers the options for civil society, and for the individual within today's political culture.

ISBN: 9780522852097

224 pages

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