Histories Of Australian Sociology

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Germov, John

"Histories of Australian Sociology brings together, in one volume, a comprehensive collection of original papers, previously published journal articles and book chapters, and unpublished essays that document the establishment and rise of the discipline of sociology in Australia and New Zealand. Contributors shed light on the major themes, debates and controversies in Australian sociology.
This diverse collection is a valuable resource in teaching sociology and will appeal to sociologists and other scholars in the social sciences interested in the origins of the discipline.
Contributors include- Francis Anderson, Diane Austin-Broos, Cora Baldock, Peter Beilharz, Helen Bourke, Leonard Broom, Lois Bryson, R.W.Connell, Stephen Crook, Charles Crothers, Michael Crozier, Graeme Davison, Adolphus Peter Elkin, Sol Encel, John Germov, Kirsten Harley, Trevor Hogan, Kurt Mayer, Tara Renae McGee, Angela Mitropoulos, Katy Richmond, Sharyn Roach Anleu, Zlatko Skrbis, John Western and Jerzy (George) Zubrzycki."

ISBN: 9780522852240

470 pages

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