Conga-Line Of Suckholes

Conga-Line Of Suckholes

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Mark, Latham

During his time in politics Mark Latham not only kept a diary, but also collected quotes and anecdotes that he found inspiring, amusing or enlightening.
Here, with an introduction by the author, are words of wisdom and humour, withering ripostes and personal reflections from authors, politicians and public figures-ranging from Ben Chifley to Barry Humphries, from Julius Caesar to Dorothy Parker, and also some of Mark Latham's own memorable turns of phrase.
A Conga Line of Suckholes
collects together both wit and wisdom, the language of both the academy and the larrikin. It is an essential companion for the reader, writer, browser and public speaker, which will make readers think and laugh.

ISBN: 9780522853056

256 pages

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