Demanding The Impossible

Demanding The Impossible

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Lawson, Sylvia

"Combining elements of fiction, history, reportage and analysis, Sylvia Lawson examines the way the spirit of wartime resistance resurfaced in Paris in the insurrection of May 1968, when a rare unity of intellectuals and industrial workers woke a complacent society.

She chronicles moments of resistance- the story of intrepid Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was murdered for her opposition to the Russian oppression of Chechnya; the highly contentious Northern Territory Intervention and Aboriginal dispossession; East Timorese and West Papuan resistance to Indonesian domination.

Resistance is about more than protest in the streets; it's about writing and art-making, music and filming, and not least about the way ordinary people keep going.

As the Arab Spring unfolds and the Occupy Wall Street initiative has spread round the world, a resistant tradition has been actively inherited- the right to protest and rebel against greed and injustice, to claim public space, to recreate the active, convivial city."

ISBN: 9780522854855

336 pages

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