Word Bytes

Word Bytes

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Lee, Carolyne

"Words matter. And good writing matters. Especially in the information society, in which more writing than ever is disseminated and read. There may be a lot of dross out there, but we can also find writing that stands out from the rest. It lodges in our heads because of its simplicity and style, and because it says something worth reading. This is 'word byte' writing, a term that Carolyne Lee coins, defines and explains in this book, and which she and her contributors encourage their readers to achieve.
A wide range of genres of public and professional writing—including magazine profiles, newspaper articles and blog posts—is covered in Word Bytes. The contributions from other professional writers, magazine and newspaper journalists through to a blogger and web-editor, will inspire and teach all those who want to learn to recognise and produce word bytes—writing that gets noticed and read in a world of information overload. "

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780522856651

336 pages

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