The Vincibles

The Vincibles

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Haigh, Gideon

"Meet Moof, Womble, Castaway, Churchyard and One Dad, a dog called Six Bits and a van known as the Bog Roll Express. Every summer weekend, the parks of Australia turn themselves over to countless thousands of club cricket matches. One of those clubs is the Yarras. This is the inside story of their most memorable season, told by the vice-president, chairman of selectors, newsletter editor, trivia-night quizmaster, karaoke impresario and club greyhound shareholder, Gideon Haigh. The Vincibles is about playing for love, winning with grace, losing with humour, valuing your community, and other anachronistic notions. It features 69 ducks and 257 dropped catches.(Not that we re counting.) The spirit of cricket isn t dead. It s just upped and moved to the suburbs."

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780522856958

200 pages

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