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McLaren, Colin

"For two years police detective Colin McLaren disappears off the face of the earth, surfacing in Griffith as a dodgy art dealer with a pretty girlfriend, and talks his way into the Mafia. For days, weeks, then months and years, Colin eats with them, sits in their homes and cuddles their kids, all the while climbing the N'Drangheta, finally befriending the Griffith Godfather, Antonio Romeo. This is the world of listening devices, wire taps and of trying to stay sane while doing deals to buy pure cocaine and tonnes of cannabis. In the meantime, the Mafiosi know they have a snitch and are leaving no stone unturned in their search for the traitor ... Infiltration tells the story of two of the bloodiest decades in organised crime, when the ethos was to shoot first and ask questions later."

ISBN: 9780522857467

304 pages

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