The History of the AWU

The History of the AWU

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Spence, William Guthrie

"History of the AWU is a first-hand account of the making of a union and the makings of a nation. It depicts the industrial and political struggles of workers in the late 19th century, and explains the motivations behind the people who forged Australia s most powerful and enduring blue-collar union.
W. G. Spence was not only an observer of momentous events, he was also a leading participant in those events. With that in mind, Spence s book is more than just a record of the circumstances that led to the creation of the AWU. It is also an expression of the ideals that inspired the Australian labour movement and a manifesto for future generations of Australian unionists.
With a foreword by Paul Howes, an introduction by Graham Freudenberg and a biography of Spence by Professor Nick Dyrenfurth, the updated History of the AWU is essential reading for everyone interested in how Australia came to be the country that it is today.
Spence s history is the story of how misery and despair was transformed into hope and progress in Australia.
Paul Howes

Those of us who believe that a strong union movement is vital to the future success of the Australian Labor Par

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ISBN: 9780522862874

208 pages

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