Winning the Peace

Winning the Peace

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Carr, Andrew

Winning the Peace explores how Australian governments have engaged with Asia over the last thirty years, attempting to use their defence and foreign policies to shape the region.<br>While there were times of tension during this period&mdash;such as the spikes around the end of the Cold War and during the early years of the War on Terror&mdash;the Asian region has been largely defined by peace. Because of this peace and thanks to Australia's relative size as a middle power, governments' attempts to change how other states act and think has not been through the use of force but by military and diplomatic engagement and persuasion.<br>Australia's smaller size has also meant it has had to be strategic in its efforts- to determine which changes were priorities, to reorganise and develop resources, to deploy those resources effectively and efficiently, and to sustain its efforts in the face of competition and rejection.<br>Winning the Peace focuses on the three main 'campaigns' Australian governments have undertaken since the early 1980s to reshape the Asia-Pacific region in the national interest.

ISBN: 9780522867725

344 pages

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