Once Upon a Time in Melbourne

Once Upon a Time in Melbourne

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Houlihan, Liam

Once upon a time in Melbourne there was a gigolo who thought he was a vampire. He bit the tongue off a prostitute and was then murdered in broad daylight on a suburban street. His execution, top brass believed, was organised by police. The aftershocks of this killing-and the murder of a state witness and his wife inside their fortress home&mash;rocked the police force and the Parliament, vanquished one government and brought the next to its knees.
This is the story of police corruption for years swept under the carpet to avoid a Royal Commission. It is the story of a police force politicised to the point of paralysis and a witness protection program that buries its mistakes. It involves a policeman still free and living in a very big house, a drug baron who survived the gangland war only to be murdered in the state's most secure jail, and battles royale within a police force comprised of thousands of pistol-packing members.
This is the story of Melbourne around the first decade of the new millennium- its lawmen, villains and politicians. It is a bizarre, tawdry, unbelievable tale. But every word of it happened.

ISBN: 9780522869378

391 pages

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