Boy Meets Depression

Boy Meets Depression

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Breel, Kevin

"BOY MEETS DEPRESSION. BOY THEN MEETS FLOOR AND STARES AT CEILING. BOY LEARNS TO GET OFF THE FLOOR AND SHOWER AGAIN. Kevin Breel burst into the public's awareness when at 19 his TED talk became a worldwide phenomenon. Star athlete, ace student, and life of the party- in short, he was every parent's dream. From the outside his life looked perfect. On the inside, though, the pain and shame of depression were killing him. Now, in his first book, he smashes the silence surrounding what it's like to be young, male, and depressed in a culture that has no place for that. Through the lens of his own near suicide, he shows other sufferers that the real miracle of life isn't found in perfection, it's in our ability to heal and accept the dark parts of ourselves."

ISBN: 9780553418378

224 pages

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