Mark Hampton On Decorating

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Hampton, Mark

"When Mark Hampton's On Decorating was published in 1989, it immediately became a touchstone for professional and amateur decorators, as well as the passionate audience of lifestyle bloggers and journalists. Decades later, it has endured as an iconic book--beloved, emulated, and referred to. Preserved in the original design with its eighties charm, Mark Hampton's witty essays--urging us to overcome our fear of strong color, or recalling how a room's bright green energized him so much as a seven-year-old boy that he tore up a pillow, then used the hue in several of his most acclaimed rooms as an adult--will raise a smile as he informs us with lessons that still hold magnificently true today. With his remarkably immediate voice, a new foreword from his daughter Alexa, and the same special package as the original publication, this reprint edition will feel like a must-have for bedside reading with a cup of tea or for proud display in the living room."


ISBN: 9780553459173

256 pages

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