Dark Truths

Dark Truths

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Hunter, Robert D

What drives a man to kill another person, and another, then another until he can no longer stop?Pulitzer Prize nominee Dr Christopher J Kurtz and co-author Robert D Hunter may have the answer to this question.Through their correspondence with numerous convicted killers, who have told of their compulsion to commit serial homicide, the authors have gained a unique insight into the lives of these individuals and explore in disturbing detail the homicidal manifestations of a number of mental afflictions.Their conclusions make for frightening reading, but Kurtz and Hunter argue that we must delve deeply into the world of evil and the irrational if we are ever to understand the serial killer and his motives.Dark Truths not only provides an in-depth study of the terrifying obsessions of serial killers and rapists, but it is also a compelling study of alienation and psychosis that lurk just beneath the surface of modern society.

ISBN: 9780753519486

240 pages

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