Family Ties

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Hill, Ernest

"In the acclaimed A Life for a Life, Ernest Hill created an unforgettably candid story of violence, love, and redemption with teenaged D'Ray Reid at its center. Now, with his jail time behind him, D'Ray has returned home to find that the real fight for survival is only beginning.a .a . Everyonea was shocked when Mr. Henry took teenaged D'Ray Reid under hisa wing-especially after what happened between D'Ray and Mr. Henry's owna son, Stanley. Yet in the years since, Mr. Henry has tried to show D'Raya how to become the man Stanley would never be. a After Mr.a Henry's death, D'Ray seeks out his own mother, Mira, hoping to rebuilda their broken relationship. But D'Ray's homecoming is tumultuous.a Arrested for a crime he didn't commit, his younger brother, Little Man,a has escaped and is in hiding. Mira blames D'Ray, but she has her owna secrets to hide. And putting things right will mean uncovering a legacya of lies and hidden agendas, and realizing the only way to be free of thea past is to stand tall and confront it at last..."

ISBN: 9780758213150

320 pages

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