Memories We Keep

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Zacharius, Walter

An unexpected letter arrives in the mail, tying the present to the past, and promising a long-awaited reunion . .

Mia Levy is content with the simple existence she leads on a farm. But her days weren't always spent so quietly. Over thirty years ago, Mia lived in Poland, where she had all she could want - her home, family, and first love, music - until history took its course, changing the world and the life she knew forever. Mia's struggle to survive would take her from the poverty stricken streets of Poland to New York City, where she encountered a love that would span decades, to Paris where she would place herself in the gravest of dangers to uncover the mysterious fate that befell her family.

Inspired by the author's own experiences as an American soldier, this remarkable novel is a story of loss, love, betrayal, and the amazing power of hope. With it's inventive storytelling skil and unforgettable voice, The Memories We Keep is a debut novel that will arrest your imagination until the very last page is turned.

ISBN: 9780758217714

320 pages

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