Dusted To Death

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Colley, Barbara

When a big Hollywood movie studio comes to New Orleans and wants to use Bitsy Duhe's gorgeous Victorian house for a shoot, Bitsy consents--as long as Charlotte La Rue, owner of Maid for a Day, agrees to take care of her beloved home during filming. . . Soon Charlotte meets the cast and crew, including Hollywood ingenue Angel Martinique. The movie seems to be going well--until a body is found dead in Angel's dressing room, a bloody letter opener just a few feet away. To Charlotte, there's no shortage of suspects. But when the police zero in on Angel, Charlotte does a little digging into Angel's past, and comes up with a bit more dirt than she bargained for--enough to put her in the crosshairs of danger if she doesn't watch her step. . . "Leaves the reader wanting more." --Romantic Times "This cozy series gets better with each book." --Library Journal

ISBN: 9780758222534

256 pages

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