Body By Night

Body By Night

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Day, Zuri

Zuri Day sizzles with a seductive story of one woman's quest to take control of her life.a .a .while experiencing an attraction too explosive to resist.a D'Andra Smalls has had enough. She's tired of being overweight, she's had it with her overbearing family, and she's fed up with settling for any guy who'll have her--especially since she caught her boyfriend cheating with her best friend.a But working out and avoiding delicious food is easy compared to resisting the charms of Los Angeles' hottest personal trainer, JaJuan "Night" Simmons. Six feet of chiseled muscle and fine chocolate, he's challenging her body in all the right ways--and proving there's a sensitive, caring guy under the good looks. Their shared career goals of promoting health and fitness bring them even closer together. But D'Andra feels it may be too much of a good thing. After succeeding in taking command of her life, can she risk losing control of her heart?

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780758228826

356 pages

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