Never Keeping Secrets

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Bryant, Niobia

After five years apart, the beloved ladies from national bestselling author Niobia Bryant's Friends & Sins series don't expect to meet again--until they begin receiving mysterious taunts about their personal secrets. Soon, all roads lead back to their friendship--but one of them won't make it through alive.

Monica, a CEO with celebrity clients, loves her life. But when her man pressures her to start a family, Monica finds herself involved with a client who wants to mix business with pleasure--or else...Successful author Keesha is blowing through her money--and cheating on her fiancU. When a new friend discovers her deception, Keesha stands to lose everything...Danielle's relationships are strictly for pleasure--until she reconnects with the only man she ever loved. But soon past secrets are being used to torment her...A full-time mom and preacher's wife, Latoya is feeling the strain of living under the eye of the church. Her only relief comes from the pills no one knows she's popping. At least she thinks no one knows...

ISBN: 9780758265326

320 pages

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