Heist 2

Heist 2

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Swinson, Kiki

"The Last Heist by KIKI SWINSON Shannon Mitchell gambled that betraying her husband's biggest heist ever was her way out of the game for good. Losing that bet put her in lockdown--and at the top of Todd Mitchell's revenge-fueled hit list. Now she'll work every seductive move and lethal play to survive. 'Cause when it comes to wreaking her own vengeance, this devious beauty isn't taking any prisoners... Caked Up by DE'NESHA DIAMOND Harlem Banks already has twenty-five million reasons to break out of the federal pen. But saving his desperately ill daughter is at the top of his list, even as he's racing his ex-partner-in-crime to his stashed loot ... while U.S. Marshals are hot on his trail. His only chance is the one woman he can't stop loving--even if she's the one endgame he'll never escape..."

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780758280312

320 pages

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