King Divas

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Diamond, De'nesha

Memphis's mean streets are soaked with blood as rival gangs drag the city into further chaos. Python and his cousin are engaged in a fierce battle against his long-lost brother and halfbrother. All the family issues are tossed to the side when Python finds his Aunt Peaches lying in a pool of her own blood at her church, after trying to negotiate a peace meeting...
Meanwhile, across town, Ta'Shara has saved Lucifer's life by gunning down Shariffa, the head of the Crippettes. Lucifer is badly wounded and is in danger of losing her child. But that's not the only thing Ta'Shara has to worry about...
A few street divas have found their way to early graves, but more bodies are guaranteed to drop before it's all over...

ISBN: 9780758292551

320 pages

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