Antiques Swap

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Allan, Barbara

At Serenity's swap meet, right after Brandy Borne and her mother Vivian finish shooting the pilot for their TV show, "Antiques Sleuths", Brandy loses her balance and falls into the arms of an old flame, local tycoon Wesley Sinclair III. His furious wife Vanessa storms off threatening dire consequences. So when Vanessa turns up dead, the rumor is that Wesley may have permanently dethroned the queen of his castle. Brandy--along with her notoriously nosy mother and their sleuthing shih Tzu Sushi--is determined to dig for the whole truth.
Clues abound, some pointing to a super-secret high-society bridge group that supposedly has very liberal rules about "partners." When a key witness joins the dead list, Brandy and Vivian know they've got to crack this case before the remorseless killer puts an end to their antiquing days--forever!

ISBN: 9780758293046

256 pages

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