Eating In The Middle

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Mitchell, Andie

Andie Mitchell bared all in her heartbreaking yet inspiring memoir about struggling with obesity, losing weight, and finding balance in her eating habits. Now, in her first cookbook, she shares the recipes that helped her reach her goals and maintain her healthy size. Eating in the Middle includes 80 bold, flavorful dishes that make eating in moderation truly enjoyable. As a food lover, Andie learned that deprivation diets took away an important part of her life, but that if she ate delicious, healthy foods in proper portions-and saved indulgent foods for occasional treats-she'd shed the weight. And it worked!

With 80 recipes, 75 photographs, and new anecdotes from Andie's moving, motivational story in her amazingly vulnerable style, Eating in the Middle is one of the most personal and useful cookbooks in the health market.

ISBN: 9780770433277

240 pages

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