Killer Dad

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Scott, Robert

A perfect family. . . A sordid secret. . . Only one way out. . .

"Oh my god. . . there's blood all over!" The 911 call came from a Colorado family man, Michael Blagg, distraught over his missing wife and six-year-old daughter. Frantic search parties and Michael's anguished pleas on national television came up empty - until the investigation stumbled across Blagg's dark side

A devout born-again Christian addicted to Internet porn, Blagg allegedly indulged in the services of paid escorts and reportedly abused his wife. Then in June 2002, nearly a year after her disappearance, when his wife;s mummified remains were found in a local landfill, Michael quickly left town

Extradited from Georgia, Blagg was charged with first-degree meurder. But the explosive trial was rocked by even more bizarre revelations, stunning twists, and an unspeakable mystery that haunted the county- What made Blagg do it? And what happened to little Abby?

ISBN: 9780786018185

448 pages

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