Kill The Ones You Love

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Scott, Robert

A handsome, married young father and former deputy sheriff, Gabriel Morris looked like the picture of respectability. When his mother and her boyfriend were found brutally murdered in their pleasant Oregon seaside home, authorities were shocked to find a trail leading to him. Soon, police in several states were caught up in a riveting chase as Gabriel, with family in tow, went on a cross-country crime spree. No one knew if his wife, Jessica, was a victim or accomplice; or if his four-year-old daughter was in jeopardy. In a gracious Virginia suburb, a SWAT team swooped down on the renegade family and ended their wild, dangerous ride. What followed was even more shocking, as the story of how Gabriel Morris ended up on the wrong side of the law took investigators on a dark journey into the heart of a killer . . .

Includes 16 pages of dramatic photos

Praise for Robert Scott

'Compelling and shocking . . . a ground-breaking book.' Robert K. Tanenbaum on Shattered Innocence

'Scott grabs the reader's attention.' Reviewing the Evidence

ISBN: 9780786031528

432 pages

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