Dead Man's Road

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Denmon, Randy

"IN A LAND OF BEAUTY AND DEATH... In the high rocky mountains, Civil Veteran Marshall Brewster has a vision of wealth and fame. Under the tutelage of a hardened railroad tycoon, Brewster will build a railroad connecting Colorado's booming silver mines to a country starved for wealth--and maybe win himself the hand of a beautiful woman in the process. But as in war, Brewster's plan is soon shattered by the enemy- an angry, proud and desperate tribe of Cheyene warriors, a competing railroad baron and the ruthless, murderous hired guns at his beck and call... On a landscape of towering mountains, driving snow and clear rushing streams, the blood of fighters and innocents is being shed. And for a man who thought he already had his fill of war, another is just beginning--with no retreat, no surrender, and even bloodier than the war he left behind..."

ISBN: 9780786035380

352 pages

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