Maccallister Kingdom Come

Maccallister Kingdom Come

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Johnstone, J.A.

Like a murderous plague, a band of cutthroats and criminals, led by prison escapees from New Mexico, rages through West Texas. They're slaughtering everyone in their path. Now they've taken over the town of Boracho. The Dallas newspapers call them the Kingdom Come Gang. In Chugwater, Wyoming, DuffMacCallister calls them his enemy. Because one of their victims was family.
Riding to Texas, Duff gathers every man he can to make an assult on Boracho. Facing a brutal, merciless enemy, with innocent hostages caught in between, Duff is soon in a full blast war, with guns, knives and dynamite exploding on dirt streets soaked in blood. And it won't be over until a hero makes a final stand.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780786035618

336 pages

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