Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter Bad Men Die

Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter Bad Men Die

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Johnstone, J.A.

What started as a routine hunt and grab--putting outlaw Thorp McCluskey on a train to Cheyenne and prison--has just gone straight to hell for bounty hunter Luke Jensen. First came the beautiful prostitute who pointed her alluring attentions in Luke's direction. Then came a man who fought by Luke's side in the war--but the war is over and friendships can turn deadly. Luke gets bushwacked, his prisoner is gone, and so is a fortune in gold.

Now Luke is riding back into the Wyoming wilderness to hunt down McCluskey and his woman to finish what he started. But he'll have to fight a solitary war, survive murderous betrayal, and face down his most bloodthirsty enemy of all...

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780786035854

336 pages

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