Family Jensen Brotherhood Of Evil

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Johnstone, William W.

"In one of the most shocking chapters in the Jensen family saga, America s fearless frontier clan is about to take on an enemy as cold and relentless as evil itself a mad, sadistic surgeon skilled with knives and his gang. They re gunning for the Jensen Sugarloaf ranch to ravage Jensen women, and spill an ocean of Jensen blood. . . When the Jensen boys decide to take a trip to Smoke Jensen s ranch leaving Sally, Pearle, and Cal alone at the Sugarloaf the family homestead becomes an easy target for enemies, outlaws, and one hell of a hardcase named Jonas Trask. A former army doctor with a degree in cruelty, Trask and his vicious band of followers descend on the nearby town of Big Rock with a vengeance. First, he takes out the sheriff. Then, he kidnaps Sally Jensen. Now, he waits for the Jensen boys to return, like lambs to the slaughter. It doesn t take long for Matt, Preacher, and Smoke to see that they re up against a vicious maniac. What they can t figure out is why this mad doctor Trask is doing this or how they re going to stop him. One thing is sure- the brothers will perform the operation with surgical precision, blazing guns, and not a shred of mercy. . ."

ISBN: 9780786035991

336 pages

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