Powder River

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Salzer, S.K.

The epic saga of the men and women who fought for a new life on the American frontier.

In 1891 the Dixon family is building a future in booming Bozeman. Twin brothers Louis and Caleb Dixon, high spirited and supremely confident, dream of becoming ranchers along the Powder River-a dream that plunges them into a deadly range war on a land already blood-stained by massacre and loss. They have no way of knowing that joining the modest T Stone ranch in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains will put them in the gunsights of hired killers and will bring them face to face with a depraved, sadistic murderer.

Flushed with courage, the boys are willing to ride and fight against a better-armed enemy-but then this range war touches too close to home. For the Dixon boys-for the whole Dixon family-what hangs in the balance is survival, or justice, and the hope for the future on this harsh and beautiful land.

ISBN: 9780786036295

352 pages

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