The Edge Of Hell

The Edge Of Hell

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Johnstone, J.A.


A beautiful woman, a powerful Mexican rancher, and an exotic new breed of cattle come to John Slaughter's San Bernardino Valley ranch, along with the prospect of making a small fortune. While Slaughter's men are out keeping the peace in Tombstone, an act of betrayal turns up the heat under his own roof, and a killer is stalking Slaughter's wealthy Mexican guest. Indians suddenly savagely attack Slaughter's ranch, but it is only the first shot in a bigger, blazing Arizona bloodbath. The real enemy is coming next- armed to the teeth, driven by vengeance, and deep into a killing spree that only John Slaughter alone can stop . . .

Live Free. Read Hard.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780786042807

320 pages

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