They Called Him Preacher

They Called Him Preacher

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Johnstone, William W.

JOHNSTONE COUNTRY. WHERE THE BULLET IS LAW. Of all the Western series by William Johnstone, the epic saga of the mountain man known as Preacher may be the most beloved and enduring. This special edition includes two of Preacher's greatest adventures-Cheyenne Challenge and Preacher and the Mountain Caesar-featuring two of the legend's bloodiest showdowns . . . TO HELL AND BACK Ten years ago, Preacher taught a bad man from the east a violent lesson he'd never forget. Today, that man returns to even the score by igniting an all-out Indian war. The battle lines are drawn. The players are cutthroat. And Preacher's scalp is the ultimate prize . . . OF GODS AND MONSTERS In the mountains of Montana, Preacher stumbles upon the town of Nova Roma, aka New Rome. It's ruled by a ruthless tyrant straight out of ancient history. But Preacher refuses to bow down to a power-mad Caesar who thinks he's a god-not if he bleeds like a man . . . Live Free. Read Hard.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780786043217

656 pages

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