I Stand Corrected

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Collinsworth, Eden

"As an American businesswoman in China, Eden Collinsworth came to realize that her Chinese counterparts were fundamentally uncomfortable in the company of Westerners. She collaborated with a major Chinese publisher to produce a Western etiquette guide. The book became a bestseller and prompted China's Ministry of Education to suggest that she create a curriculum for the school system. In I Stand Corrected, Collinsworth now draws on her experiences to help American readers navigate Chinese business culture. She shows us how to present a business card, how to wield one's guanxi (or social connections), and how to pace oneself when drinking 120-proof baijiu at a work function. She warns us not to be surprised at spitting on the street, and explains how, to the Chinese, being called fat can actually be considered a compliment. She also gives us a larger view of personal and professional ambition among the citizens of China. By turns informative, hilarious, and thought-provoking, I Stand Corrected is essential reading for those looking to understand the mores of this rapidly changing--and increasingly important--nation."

ISBN: 9780804170468

272 pages

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