110 Stories: New York Writes after September 11

110 Stories: New York Writes after September 11

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Ulrich Baer

Now, in 110 Stories, Ulrich Baer has gathered a multi-hued range of voices that convey, with vivid immediacy and heightened imagination, the shock and loss suffered in September. From a stunning lineup of 110 renowned and emerging writers-including Paul Auster, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Edwidge Danticat, Vivian Gornick, Phillip Lopate, Dennis Nurkse, Melvin Bukiet, Susan Wheeler-these stories give readers not so much an analysis of what happened as the very shape and texture of a city in crisis, what it felt like to be here, the external and internal damage that the city and its inhabitants absorbed in the space and the aftermath of a few unforgettable hours. As A.M. Homes says in one of the book's eyewitness accounts, ''There is no place to put this experience, no folder in the mental hard drive that says, 'catastrophe.' It is not something that you want to remember, not something that you want to forget.'' This collection testifies to the power of poetry and storytelling to preserve and give meaning to what seems overwhelming. It showcases the literary imagination in its capacity to gauge the impact of 9/11 on how we view the world. Just as the stories of the World Trade towers were filled with people from all walks of life, the stories collected here reflect New York's true diversity, its boundless complexity and polyglot energy, its regenerative imagination, and its spirit of solidarity and endurance. Named as one of USA Today's ''most promising books on September 11th''. “A smart idea...[drawing from] the incredible talent pool of New York City writers to consecrate the attack on the World Trade Center.''—Kirkus Reviews ''The wide range of writing styles and viewpoints, as well as Art Spiegelman's striking cover art, make this anthology a popular read.'' —Library Journal ''The works collected here capture both the diversity of the people of New York and how surreal the catastrophe felt for those close to Ground Zero. A touching and memorable collection.''—Carlos Orellana, Booklist, September, 2002 ''110 Stories, with an arresting cover image by Art Speigelman, presents a fractured view of last year's events...What we're left with is the way the tragedy fits into individual lives, the impression it makes on impressionable, expressive people.''—Newsday ''Effective in producing a wonderful sense of alienation which allows the reader to perceive language and events afresh.''— Politics and Culture ''[A] heartfelt collection of poems, recollections, and short works.''— School Library Journal ''A testament to the power of words to transform trauma into something manageable.''—The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ''Even if you found the event itself sufficiently searing, many of these pieces provide a new way of approaching the devastation, loss, bewilderment, the sense of morality— and immorality— connections and disconnects that it engendered.''—The East Hampton Star ''New York University professor Ulrich Baer turned to literature to escape post-9-11 media commentary and political rhetoric...The book creates a community of writers and a place to collect memories.''—The Jewish Week

ISBN: 9780814799352

344 pages

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