On The Yard

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Braly, Malcolm

Malcolm Braly (1922-1983) was an acclaimed novelist, editor, as well as a convicted criminal. Braly dropped out of high school, began a criminal career, and served several prison terms in various prisons. While in San Quentin, Braly turned to writing and published his first novel Felony Tank, behind bars. He continued to write even after the completion of his final sentence and produced Shake Him Till He Rattles, It's Cold Out There, and an autobiography. Braly began work on his most acclaimed novel, On the Yard, in prison, but prison officials impeded its progress and Braly was able to complete the novel only after he was off parole. In 1979, On the Yard was made into a movie, directed by Raphael Silver and starring John Heard and Tom Waits. Outside of prison walls, Braly lived in New York City as an editor and freelance writer.

ISBN: 9780940322967

368 pages

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