Lsat Decoded (Preptests 52-61)

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Review, Princeton

Students taking the LSAT are fanatics about practicing with real exams, which they can buy directly from the Law School Admission Council in sets of 10. While valuable, these official test books lack one supremely important element- actual explanations to accompany the answers. And with the LSAT, the why of a correct answer is important.

Enter The Princeton Review. With our new LSAT Decoded series, we're here to help students in the lurch with thorough, step-by-step explanations for each question on actual LSAT exams. This book is intended to be used as a companion to the LSAC-issued 10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests with Comparative Reading (PrepTests 52-61) (9780984636006), which contains real tests administered from September 2007 to October 2010. LSAT Decoded also features an introductory section with essential test-conquering tips and strategies.

ISBN: 9781101919590

464 pages

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