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Slate Magazine

Have you ever wondered what happens to recalled meat? Or whether attorney-client privilege applies after death? Do you know the
difference between a serial killer and a spree killer? Do you know how to stop a lava flow or rate a forest fire?
THE EXPLAINER provides answers to all these questions and many more. The book is taken from the well-known column in the hugely
popular online magazine Slate.corn. While the Explainers on the site are often tied into news events, the editors have chosen entries that
won't become dated and are working to cut the news hooks that do exist. The subjects range from the serious to the amusing and are always
surprising, teaching us about things we never stop to consider in everyday life. There is a rough and preliminary table of contents that
accompanies this fact sheet, and there are some more examples below.
With the growing popularity of Slate and a catchy brand name, the Explainer is a chance to take a smart and informative book and turn it
into something big.
Can someone under house arrest host a dinner party?
How do you get a ticket to an execution?
How do we know 1,100 World War II vets die every day?
Who certifies a recession?
Why do busted companies always file for bankruptcy on Sundays?
Can you violate copyright law with a magic marker?
Can Arafat's Peace Prize be revoked?
What happens to frozen assets?
What's with the bright light you see before you die?
Why do the Japanese commit hari-kiri?
How much sick leave do Bush and Cheney get?
How do I quit the Republican party?
Does truth serum make you tell the truth?
Does your homeowners insurance cover murder?

ISBN: 9781400034260

272 pages Paperback or Softback

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