Batman Arkham Unhinged Vol. 3

Batman Arkham Unhinged Vol. 3

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Fridolfs, Derek

In these stories originally available only online and tying into the bestselling video game BATMAN- ARKHAM CITY, Dr. Hugo Strange has gained control of Arkham Asylum and is determined to keep the city's criminal element behind bars. Gotham City in turn has been transformed into a massive prison, run by a madman and ruled by the criminal element.

BATMAN- ARKHAM UNHINGED VOLUME 3- END GAME features an all star cast of Gotham's super-villains, gathered together for the trial of the century starring The Joker as the defendant. With Two-Face serving as both prosecutor and judge, The Joker doesn't stand a chance in this kangaroo court, but will The Joker have to rely on his biggest foe, Batman, to save him from "justice?"



ISBN: 9781401243050

200 pages

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