Justice League Dark Vol. 6 (The New 52)

Justice League Dark Vol. 6 (The New 52)

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Dematteis, J.M.

Gotham City has been overrun by craziness, and the power is out at Gotham Academy! There's a mob of Jokerized madmen in Gotham City, and they're determined to spread the virus into the world beyond...but they're gonna have to get past Batgirl first! What do Batman's villains do on the craziest night in Gotham City? The city is overrun by Jokerized victims, but a small band of teenagers unites to take a stand. Their secret knowledge of Gotham City's streets helps them survive, but will Batman take help from this young group of upstarts?

This jam packed collection features BATMAN ANNUAL #3, back-ups from BATMAN #35-39, GOTHAM ACADEMY- ENDGAME#1, BATGIRL ENDGAME #1, BATMAN AND ROBIN ENDGAME #1, Arkham Manor endgame 31.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781401254810

176 pages

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