Swamp Thing Vol. 7 : Season's End

Swamp Thing Vol. 7 : Season's End

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Soule, Charles

Between the Red, the Rot, the Green and the Grey, Swamp Thing thought he'd seen it all. But now he's about to meet the avatar of a whole new Kingdom whose impact on the lives of all humanity goes deeper than even the Green's-the Machine! And when Swampy gets the opportunity to step aside and allow the Machine to take over, he may have good reason to accept the offer! But Alec Holland has a humanity the Machine Kingdom lacks, and that gives him an edge...at least for now. Still, no man-not even a plant one-is an island, and Swampy must seek out his true love, Abigail Arcane! Collects Swamp Thing- Futures End #1, Swamp Thing #35-40 and Swamp Thing Annual #3.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781401257705

200 pages

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