Batman Beyond Vol. 2 City Of Yesterday

Batman Beyond Vol. 2 City Of Yesterday

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Jurgens, Dan

The war with Brother Eye is over and Neo-Gotham is the only remaining civilized city with thousands of refugees at its gate. Venturing beyond Neo-Gotham's walls to figure out what remains of Metropolis, Batman runs into The Splicers, a fan-favorite gang from the original Batman Beyond the Animated Series.

Spinning out of the mammoth weekly series Futures End, this new in-continuity story continues the tales of Batman Beyond! Written by Dan Jurgens ("The Death of Superman") and illustrated by Bernard Chang (GREEN LANTERN CORPS), this years-in-the-making series cannot be missed!

Collects BATMAN BEYOND #7-12.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781401264703

128 pages

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