Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 5

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 5

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Tomasi, Peter J.

The world's most powerful couple returns in the third volume of SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN by the all-star creative team of Peter J. Tomasi (BATMAN & ROBIN) and Doug Mahnke (GREEN LANTERN).

Superman's powers have still not returned to full strength, and now Wonder Woman is forced to turn to rest of the Olympian gods in hopes of saving the man she loves. But this divine intervention turns out to be more trying than the God of War could have ever expected. Plus, Superman and Wonder Woman must also face off against another one of the most powerful duos in the DC Universe--the twin children of the immortal madman Vandal Savage!

Collection SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #25-30.


ISBN: 9781401265458

200 pages

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