Superman - Action Comics Vol. 1 Path Of Doom (Rebirth)

Superman - Action Comics Vol. 1 Path Of Doom (Rebirth)

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Jurgens, Dan

Superman returns to Metropolis just in time to meet the city of tomorrow's newest protector- Lex Luthor. But it's not long before these dueling titans meet someone unexpected-the new Clark Kent! The two arch-enemies must put aside their differences and face the common threat of Doomsday, as Jimmy Olsen and the Planet staff try to uncover the truth- who is the man claiming to be Clark Kent?

Writer Dan Jurgens (THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN) returns to the Man of Steel along with illustrators Tyler Kirkham (DEATHSTROKE) and Patrick Zircher (GREEN ARROW) for the next great Superman chapter in ACTION COMICS VOL. 1! Collects issues #957-962.

Rebirth honors the richest history in comics, while continuing to look towards the future. These are the most innovative and modern stories featuring the world's greatest superheroes, told by some of the finest storytellers in the business.

Honoring the past, protecting our present and looking towards the future. This is the next chapter in the ongoing saga of the DC Universe. The legacy continues.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781401268046

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