Batman Ego & Other Tails Deluxe Edition

Batman Ego & Other Tails Deluxe Edition

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Cooke, Darwyn

From comics visionary Darwyn Cooke comes this collection of stories starring two of Gotham City's most infamous residents in BATMAN- EGO & OTHER TAILS DELUXE EDITION!

This deluxe edition graphic novel brings together the pulse-pounding stories featuring Cooke's incredibles interpretations of Batman and Catwoman. Long known as one of the most unique and creative voices in comics, Cooke's foryas here paved the way for his legendary work on DC- THE NEW FRONTIER and BEFORE WATCHMEN.

Included here are the critically acclaimed stories BATMAN- EGO, CATWOMAN- SELINA'S BIG SCORE, as well as tales from BATMAN- GOTHAM KNIGHTS #23 and #33 and SOLO #1 and 5


ISBN: 9781401272395

168 pages

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