Tales Of The Batman Gene Colan Vol. 2

Tales Of The Batman Gene Colan Vol. 2

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Completing the collection, DC Comics brings together the moody Batman stories drawn by comics legend Gene Colan in TALES OF THE BATMAN- GENE COLAN VOL. 2!

These never-before-collected tales from the early 1980s spotlight the art of comics legend Gene Colan. Known for his moody, shadowy illustrations, Colan was a natural fit as artist on Batman when he came to DC in the 1980s. His run of stories in the pages of both BATMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS included appearances by some of Batman's foes, including the Joker, Poison Ivy, Deadshot and Scarecrow.

Collects BATMAN #373, DETECTIVE COMICS #530-538 and 540-544 and WORLD'S FINEST COMICS #297 and #299.


ISBN: 9781401277697

304 pages

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